Friday, October 9, 2009

Mankind, the greatest and the most developed species ?

I just have watched news this evening, the news were

- Government decided to order 4000 new buses for riding in Bangkok. Clippies are not needed anymore because the passengers are able to use automatic cards to pay for the fare. Like foreign countries, eg. Australia, USA,....

- Two students were shot by the police with an unknown reason.

- little monkeys were caught from the forest, packed in a bag; and of course, they had killed their mothers.

I feel so disgusted, it seems like killing is a symbol of mankind. The beginning of history of us is hunting, killing and war. We're still consider ourselves as the smartest and the most developed living things.

I totally disagree.

Humans are the most sensitive living things on Earth. We took so long time to learn how to survive. Deadly diseases have caused continually by us, the latest was H1N1. We putted the blame on animals. I know humans are too clever to admit their fault how they let those poor farm animals unhealthy and finally caused the disease.

Let's talk about the news.

May I ask? Is there any reasonable government to choose? Why adults chose him to be a prime minister? And now he's doing his best work in the opinion of people in the capital city. Collegians, business men and women, teachers and the others.

I mean, gosh! Wake up! Do you guys want to show off to other countries that 'You know, we have the very handsome Prime Minister, he also had studied in England! Seems very high classy, right? And, special one, he is the first politician who has fan clubs!'

Yeah, I felt so good to hear girl students shouted 'You're so cuteeeeee!!!' when the Prime Minister walked in.

Ya, a Prime Minister, not Robert Pattinson nor Enrique Iglesias.

I'm a high school student and I can see he's wasting money with non sense project. Here, we have such a big number of inhabitants, especially in the capital city (10 millions or something). These 4000 hi-technology buses are being rided, 4000 people becomes unemployed. Worthy investment? I don't think so. Think about it again, grown-up. Left me my nation to live.

Others two following news are absolutely link with the first one. Why? Because if the police wasn't a head of gangster were covered by a uniform. He'd have done something good in order to return his motherland.

And, yes, I believe that we're the evolution of monkeys. So, no monkeys, no humans. Do they deserve to die?

The human right organization keep saying about right of mankind.

Mankind has all the prerogative! What more do we need? Maybe mercy for our next generation?

 Have we been developing in the right way? Yes, but not enough.

If we consider ourselves as the most powerful living thing, why not use our power to do something to make the Earth back to the best place as it had been.

Think about it, educated people.