Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just stand in front of the mirror, say I love you out loud.

F says

Have you ever seen a girl or a guy with real stupid outfit but still look good? I do.

For example, today I saw one guy wearing skinny white-blue trousers, v-neck shirt and shiny, silver oxford shoes. Ah, and also a hygiene mask on his face.


But, honestly, he doesn't look so bad and so 'kicked away from earth', he still looks ok for me.

I think it's because he had high self-confidence. Maybe he born to be a fashionista? If I have to wear like him, I'd feel so small. I'm just not him.

One of my teachers, she's already got married. One day her husband asked her what happened to the photo they took together, why there was no him on the photo. She said 'Well, I was so mad at you, 1 week ago, i think. So I cut that part off'

OMG, she's a super woman.

If I wear her, I'd be so ashame and tell some lie. It's not my style to do something like that.

I also have examples of myself.

I like to wear short dress and leggings because it's me.

My mum always tells me to be more sweet, but I ignore. Because it's not me.

I find history interesting while my fiends find it's boring. Who cares?

Just love yourself more than anyone in he world. No more 'I can ....... for you' that is a soap drama.

Think about it. Nobody will stay with you forever but yourself.

Be yourself, and love it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can You be Happy When You're Ugly?

As you might have known: happiness doesn't last. You have to keep
yourselves up with happiness all the time. But there is one exception.

People who's got plastic surgery, if satisfied, has a lasting
happiness for that part. Why? Because how we look is very important.

Since I came back from America, I've never let myslef go out in the
old, boring,and ugly style. Eventhough I don't have much sense about
fashion, I try to wear something that's okay for going out. However, I
still wear my old ugly comfy whatever clothes at home. Should I change
to wear something pretty the whole time even when I'm at home because
how we look is very important for our happiness? Well, I'm trying to
figure it out. Since I know that how we look is important for our
happiness, should I just throw all my old ugly clothes away at once? I
think that's too much. I might consider donating them, but giving
people ugly cloth might not be a better idea than throwing it away. So
what should I do?

Now, I try to wear all the clothes I don't like and think that when I
move to go to college, I'll throw them away. I know that we shouldn't
be procasinating with our happiness, but this is the best way i coukd
think about. Do you have any suggestion, Fire?

Tian Hai

Happiness of sleeping beauty.

F says

I believe everybody has ever watched Sleeping Beauty. It was my favourite cartoon when I was younger.

Today, when I woke up. I wondered if the Sleeping Beauty is the luckiest person in the world. Why? Think about it, She's a princess (even if I know being a princess is not something simple, but whatever.) She had 3 fairy godmothers who would do everything for her. She had kind parents who love her too much to let her die by a curse. And the most important one, she didn't know anything about her future, how lucky she was?

However, nobody could prevent her from the witch's spell, she fell as sleep for many hundreds years, waited for a prince charming to come, defeat the witch and wake her up from a dream.

Then, she woke up, she's still a young, beautiful princess, had a prince charming beside her without doing things. She woke up from dreams, found herself in another nice, fairytale dream.

Gosh, I'm stuck with nightmare of real life. I don't want fairy godmothers but the witch.

Hello witch, where are you? Please curse me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


F says

I think the gifted person is the one who's brave to follow his/her heart. Well, at least I'm following my heart by studying languages and guitar.

I think I can sing Teardrops On My Guitar proudly soon.

Okay, topic is, I'm in love. How many times I have said this? 5? 6? I don't know.

I'd tell him if he's not someone from school, from my class, who all my friends know, who all the girls in love with. It's difficult, this you have to understand. My situation will be like this if I tell him

F> Hi, umm, I need to tell you something.

P> ? (big question mark on the face)

F> Umm, Ya, I love you!!!

P> ? (bigger question mark)

F> F**K I knew it( whisper). ( face turns red)

P> Ya, umm, sorry

F> Never mind....

P> Was that serious?

F> Well, (was that serious? GOSH) HAHAHAHA, what do you think? Good play?

P> Umm (BIGGEST question mark ever)

F> Okay, then, it's a joke

That's it guys, I knew it. I have a magic mirror.

p.s. I'm now laud Tian as God of Love.

Happiness is in our thoughts, not our conditions.

Tian says:

I'm obsessed of happiness.

I'm like  a lot of people that just want a happy life.
After reading a whole bunch of psychological books deal with being happy,
I've consider myself an extremely happy person.
I'm living with my mom who always tells me to do the right things
and who I can tell every single thing to.
I've got several best friends who are very trusted.
Eventhough, I don't consider my house as a nice place to live, 

I choose to overlook it. :)

A Good tip for you: overlook what's not nice 

and give your thoughts fully to what's been a gift in your life.


I'd lie, or not

Hey, there. This is Tian.

After listening to Taylor Swift's "I'd lie",
I've got some thoughts.

Fire can find herself in this song
because she's in love with a guy and has to keep her feeling.
She said that it's no hope
and she'd rather get a broken heart
than to express her feeling and have all her friends make fun of her.

However, I can't.

I've got my loved one by refusing to lie.
Yes, I told him myself how I feel toward him.
Unfortunately, the answer at that moment was not
"I love you ,too".
Instead, It was "I'll think about it."
Can you see how painful it was?
Well, It ended up good anyway,
so lets' not go to that hurtful process.

What I'm saying is that
choosing to express our feelings
and choosing to keep it and lie
...are all risky.

One of my guy friends said to me something like this:

If you are afraid of being hurt,
then don't dare to love.
Loving anybody is not like a millionaire buying a cheap and delicious ice-cream,
the result is not that obvious.
Loving anyone is like a poor beggar taking all his money to buy a lottery,
if he wins it,
he would be millionaire;
but if he loses it,
he would have nothing left,
even an ability to go through a meal.


The point is that
I expressed my love feeling to the person I was in love with after hearing this saying.

Fire, What about you?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life is a maze and love is a riddle?

F says:

Life is a maze and love is a riddle became my favorite quote for couple weeks ago after I listened to The Show of Lenka, and I absolutely agree with her.

After I knew that one friend talked behind my back, told story which is not true about me. I feel so disappointed. Well, we used to be good friends for 5 years or something, and it's ended so badly.

Anyway, I don't know if I can tell you that it's 'the end'. Because we didn't fight. I don't feel like talking to her anymore, I mean who the hell in the world wants to talk to someone who's happy to gossip her/his friends? So, I have stopped talk to her already 2 or 3 days. She said nothing to me but ask another friend angrily what's wrong with me. I think if she really has no idea why I quit chatting with her, she must be very stupid or she might has Alzheimer's. However if she wants to know, why don't she ask me directly?

okay, let's stop talking about it. Let's talk about something good.


We had to do our presentation in Buddhism class, and I had to made a presentation with him because our topic is the same (he asked me if I can do the same topic as him, so he will have friend to do a presentation together!).

I sat there, and suddenly giggled with no reason. My eyes noticed that he was yawning. Then he hit me and asked why I was laughing.

I said nothing, but laughed harder, my face turned pink, so I turned my face away or he'd asked me why my face was a bit red. =P

Nothing happened more than I giggled and he hit me...

If the Friday people are considered as people who're always lucky in love, I must be the most miserable one!

Friday, September 4, 2009

falling in love?

It's Fire again here.

I hate to fall in love, I really hate it.

My first relationship collapsed because I was too young, I didn't even know what love is, and what couple do. I was absolutely blind.

My second relationship ended because I believe that love is everywhere. No matter how far we live, we'll work it out. Finally, he lost to the distances we had.

And now, I fall in love with someone and this story is exactly what Taylor Swift sang in Teardrops On My Guitar. Even though I'm not a close friend with him (if I were it'd be easier). I don't know what to talk with him. I don't know what I should do, well, I just have no brave heart.

All I dare to do is PRAY. Damn.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

To start is the most difficult thing

I've been sitting behind my laptop already for hours, seems like I can't turn it off and do something else. Well, although I tried to lie myself that I don't have any works to do, it doesn't work this time. It's been already a week that I declared to start reading history, Buddhism, Thai and such. Today, I finished first 10 pages of history, and the rest are still lying on my bookshelf, very nice.

I have to call my host mum tomorrow, I'm declaring to myself, again.

For me, it's very difficult to start something.

You have no idea how many times I decide writing a blog, being a famous blogger and blah blah blah. It's a DAYDREAM girl.

Today, Tian ask if we can writing a blog together, so I said yes =P Finally.

I'll finish here, I have to het myself to work.

See you then!