Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happiness of sleeping beauty.

F says

I believe everybody has ever watched Sleeping Beauty. It was my favourite cartoon when I was younger.

Today, when I woke up. I wondered if the Sleeping Beauty is the luckiest person in the world. Why? Think about it, She's a princess (even if I know being a princess is not something simple, but whatever.) She had 3 fairy godmothers who would do everything for her. She had kind parents who love her too much to let her die by a curse. And the most important one, she didn't know anything about her future, how lucky she was?

However, nobody could prevent her from the witch's spell, she fell as sleep for many hundreds years, waited for a prince charming to come, defeat the witch and wake her up from a dream.

Then, she woke up, she's still a young, beautiful princess, had a prince charming beside her without doing things. She woke up from dreams, found herself in another nice, fairytale dream.

Gosh, I'm stuck with nightmare of real life. I don't want fairy godmothers but the witch.

Hello witch, where are you? Please curse me.

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