Saturday, September 19, 2009


F says

I think the gifted person is the one who's brave to follow his/her heart. Well, at least I'm following my heart by studying languages and guitar.

I think I can sing Teardrops On My Guitar proudly soon.

Okay, topic is, I'm in love. How many times I have said this? 5? 6? I don't know.

I'd tell him if he's not someone from school, from my class, who all my friends know, who all the girls in love with. It's difficult, this you have to understand. My situation will be like this if I tell him

F> Hi, umm, I need to tell you something.

P> ? (big question mark on the face)

F> Umm, Ya, I love you!!!

P> ? (bigger question mark)

F> F**K I knew it( whisper). ( face turns red)

P> Ya, umm, sorry

F> Never mind....

P> Was that serious?

F> Well, (was that serious? GOSH) HAHAHAHA, what do you think? Good play?

P> Umm (BIGGEST question mark ever)

F> Okay, then, it's a joke

That's it guys, I knew it. I have a magic mirror.

p.s. I'm now laud Tian as God of Love.

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