Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can You be Happy When You're Ugly?

As you might have known: happiness doesn't last. You have to keep
yourselves up with happiness all the time. But there is one exception.

People who's got plastic surgery, if satisfied, has a lasting
happiness for that part. Why? Because how we look is very important.

Since I came back from America, I've never let myslef go out in the
old, boring,and ugly style. Eventhough I don't have much sense about
fashion, I try to wear something that's okay for going out. However, I
still wear my old ugly comfy whatever clothes at home. Should I change
to wear something pretty the whole time even when I'm at home because
how we look is very important for our happiness? Well, I'm trying to
figure it out. Since I know that how we look is important for our
happiness, should I just throw all my old ugly clothes away at once? I
think that's too much. I might consider donating them, but giving
people ugly cloth might not be a better idea than throwing it away. So
what should I do?

Now, I try to wear all the clothes I don't like and think that when I
move to go to college, I'll throw them away. I know that we shouldn't
be procasinating with our happiness, but this is the best way i coukd
think about. Do you have any suggestion, Fire?

Tian Hai

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