Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just stand in front of the mirror, say I love you out loud.

F says

Have you ever seen a girl or a guy with real stupid outfit but still look good? I do.

For example, today I saw one guy wearing skinny white-blue trousers, v-neck shirt and shiny, silver oxford shoes. Ah, and also a hygiene mask on his face.


But, honestly, he doesn't look so bad and so 'kicked away from earth', he still looks ok for me.

I think it's because he had high self-confidence. Maybe he born to be a fashionista? If I have to wear like him, I'd feel so small. I'm just not him.

One of my teachers, she's already got married. One day her husband asked her what happened to the photo they took together, why there was no him on the photo. She said 'Well, I was so mad at you, 1 week ago, i think. So I cut that part off'

OMG, she's a super woman.

If I wear her, I'd be so ashame and tell some lie. It's not my style to do something like that.

I also have examples of myself.

I like to wear short dress and leggings because it's me.

My mum always tells me to be more sweet, but I ignore. Because it's not me.

I find history interesting while my fiends find it's boring. Who cares?

Just love yourself more than anyone in he world. No more 'I can ....... for you' that is a soap drama.

Think about it. Nobody will stay with you forever but yourself.

Be yourself, and love it.

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