Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'd lie, or not

Hey, there. This is Tian.

After listening to Taylor Swift's "I'd lie",
I've got some thoughts.

Fire can find herself in this song
because she's in love with a guy and has to keep her feeling.
She said that it's no hope
and she'd rather get a broken heart
than to express her feeling and have all her friends make fun of her.

However, I can't.

I've got my loved one by refusing to lie.
Yes, I told him myself how I feel toward him.
Unfortunately, the answer at that moment was not
"I love you ,too".
Instead, It was "I'll think about it."
Can you see how painful it was?
Well, It ended up good anyway,
so lets' not go to that hurtful process.

What I'm saying is that
choosing to express our feelings
and choosing to keep it and lie
...are all risky.

One of my guy friends said to me something like this:

If you are afraid of being hurt,
then don't dare to love.
Loving anybody is not like a millionaire buying a cheap and delicious ice-cream,
the result is not that obvious.
Loving anyone is like a poor beggar taking all his money to buy a lottery,
if he wins it,
he would be millionaire;
but if he loses it,
he would have nothing left,
even an ability to go through a meal.


The point is that
I expressed my love feeling to the person I was in love with after hearing this saying.

Fire, What about you?

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